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Before & After Treatment

Chemcial peels are a great way to help your skin look and feel great! As with most treatments of this nature, there are some good rules to follow to help the treatment be as effective as possible. Below are some guidelines that we suggest.

Before your Treatment

  • Avoid the exposure to sun or tanning beds for at least 2 weeks before you are scheduled to come in.
  • Please avoid waxing or using chemical depilatories for 2 weeks prior to treatment

After your Treatment

  • Chemical peels can cause mild redness (much like a sunburn) immediately after treatment. This can last for several hours to a few days. Most patients experience the actual peel 2 to 7 days after treatment. Though peeling is common, not all patients may experience this.
  • The use of wide brimmed hats, umbrellas and other shade devices is suggested after a chemical peel.
  • Wear sunscreen at all times (even indoors) for 2 weeks after treatment. This helps to keep discolorations from occurring as even small amounts of UV light can be dangerous.
  • Mild moisturizers are also recommended to help in the healing process. Applying moisturizer twice a day for up to two weeks after the treatment helps to rebuild the skin.
  • Avoid glycolic washes, Retin-A, Clarisonic, or other anti-aging products until your skin is fully healed.